Reliable Heavy Towing in Texas

We do things big in Texas. With the Texan highways teaming with everything from box vans to heavy cargo rigs, that old cliché rings true to this day. That’s why Neeley’s Towing is committed to providing reliable heavy duty towing in Texas whenever you need it most. We are your premier source for quality towing all day and night. With a fleet of over 40 trucks and heavy-duty lowboy trailers, we can handle anything from a large pickup to a big rig. Plus, we have almost as many years of experience in this industry as we have trucks in our fleet. With more than 40 years in the Texas heavy duty towing industry, we don’t only have the right tools for the job, we have the expertise.

Expert Texas Heavy Towing Drivers

When you are stranded on the side of the road, it’s important that you are able to work with a tow operator that you can trust to handle your vehicle in a safe and timely manner. Our staff of dispatchers and drivers are all professionally trained to handle any heavy duty towing situation with care and friendly service. A breakdown or a wreck is a frustrating, if not frightening, experience. Our goal at Neeley’s Towing is to make those situations a little better with quick and quality service.

Timely Texas Heavy Towing

There is a reason we have been the go-to service for many of our clients (including both local and state police) over the years. Neeley’s is dedicated to providing reliable and quick service to all of our clients. When we say we are available 24/7, we mean it. We’ve built a reputation for our rapid response time and reliability that has contributed to us becoming industry leaders in Texas heavy towing.

Whether you have an RV with a flat or you need a heavy haul for your 18-wheeler, give Neeley’s Towing a call anytime!

Neeley’s Towing & Recovery is the premier heavy-duty towing company in Texarkana

The Texarkana Metropolitan Area is vibrant and bustling. Every day, thousands of cars transit the area, and trailers hauling merchandise, equipment, or other heavy items can get stranded on the side of the road due to mechanical failure or worse. That’s where Neeley’s Towing & Recovery comes in. We’re Texarkana’s premier heavy-duty towing company, and we’re ready 24/7.
Towing heavy-duty or oversized vehicles can be a complicated task. It involves specialized training, understanding of weight distribution and other technical knowledge, as well as the proper equipment to get the job done. Our tow operators are trained, certified, and have years of hands-on experience towing heavy-duty vehicles.

Neeley’s Towing & Recovery is Texarkana’s premier heavy-duty towing company, and we’re capable of recovering and winching any sized vehicle. Our heavy-duty rotators boast incredible pulling strength, capable of pulling an oversized vehicle up steep cliffs as well as getting an overturned vehicle upright again.

In the event of an oversized vehicle becoming overturned, our tow operators employ air cushion recovery bags to get the vehicle upright. This technique minimizes damage to the cargo and aids during accident recoveries.

Neeley’s Towing & Recovery is experienced with all types of oversized vehicles such as box trucks, trailers, tractors, buses, RVs, and construction equipment. Our fleet of heavy-duty towing vehicles is state-of-the-art and able to assist on even the toughest jobs.

We also provide oversized vehicle transports throughout North America. We’re the most dependable and reputable heavy-duty towing and transportation company in the Texarkana 4-states area. Licensed, bonded, insured, and certified; our tow operators count on decades of experience to provide the best possible service.

For rapid, courteous, and professional heavy-duty towing in Texarkana, look no further than Neeley’s Towing & Recovery. We boast a fleet of 25 tow trucks, rotators, heavy-haul lowboys, and provide service to Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma. Call us 24/7 at 903-794-2531 or visit for more information.